how to set up m3u iptv list on Smartiptv

Setting up your IPTV m3u list on Smart TV (Samsung-LG-…) is very simple. Follow the steps in this tutorial by iptvavenue :

  1. Copy past the link that was sent to you in your browser bar and click enter :

  2. You’ll notice that the m3u file is downloaded.

  3. Go to
  4. Write in your mac address and check the captcha

  5. Click Delete

  6. Now write your mac address in the upper field

  7. Click browse and choose the m3u file you downloaded

  8. check the ‘Save Online’ and ‘Detect EPG’ and click Send

  9. Wait until you get the confirmation

Now you only need to restart the smart iptv app in your TV and you will find the channels.

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